Some BLE sensors do not show battery level

Peter Kundrat shared this problem 6 years ago

Locus is able to show battery level via BLE for Tickr X, but for some sensors it does not work:

- Scosche Rhythm+ optical HR strap (works using BLE Heart Rate Monitor)

- VeloComputer cadence sensor (works using VeloComputer app)

Priority of this request is low - if it is implemented, it would it nice if it worked reliably.

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Good day Peter,

I also use one HRM BT 4.0 monitor (from PanoBike company) during sport activities. I was testing it quite a lot, but seems that this monitor really do not report it's battery value, or at least not by official supported way.

I'm testing this monitor with "BLE Heart Rate Monitor" application you suggested. And this application always display only 100% which I'm sure it is incorrect value (I use it already for a few months on current battery).

So I'm sorry, but I have no solution on this problem as it looks for me like no problem in Locus. And if it is, then unfortunately for now, I do not know a solution. Thanks for understanding,

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