Some bugs in UI and editing notes / coordinates

Mathias Dittrich shared this problem 6 years ago

Since the last Locus update with the big UI change, there are some bugs in gc4locus addon:


Every words that are written by gc4locus are now grey instead off black. That looks as if they are not possible to click.

For example: Load logs, Nearby Caches, refresh data.

Furthermore the german translation of "Load Logs" is wrong: instead of "Loggs herunterladen" it sould be named "Logs herunterladen" (one "g")


Some bugs with corrected coordinates: if I change a coordinate on the page and refresh the cache in locus FIRST time the new coordinate is assumed correctly. But if I change the coordinates in a second time and refresh the cache in Locus once more, there will be nothing changed.

The same behaviour am I getting with notes!

Seems, that gc4locus is just checking IF there is a corrected coordinate respectively note, but NOT if the content has changed...

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Good day Mathias,

1. here you mean icons, not a texts right? Icons are took from Geocaching4Locus, so it has to be changed on add-on side (Arcao), not in Locus.

2. here is it a more complicated. If I remember correctly, on side are not any information about date when coordinates or notes were edited. Am I right Arcao? Anyway same information is missing in Locus! So when Locus receive a cache with computed coordinates (or notes) and cache itself is still on original coordinates (so it is not marked as "computed"), Locus may simply update them. Anyway during second update, how to compare if coordinates from a web are older then coordinates in app? Without some compare of times it is not possible.


Yes that's right, Menion. That's the reason why I opened the topic in the addon page

1. see here the grey icons:

2. thats bad to here. But good idea, to just unmark the cache as corrected. :)

@balloni: yes that's right


Hi Mathias,

I left this topic open not to forget on problems with refresh of notes and coordinates. Unfortunately over all these years, there we absolutely no changes in API provided by Groundspeak so still no change to improve current behavior on app side, sorry.

Because this is something, we all have still in mind as a problem, I'm closing this problem for now. When there will be any change to improve it, I'm sure that me or @Arcao, will work on it. Thanks for understanding!

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