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Some questions about update container fields

Falco shared this question 5 years ago

I did create a map betten short technical var names for tasker and update container field getter.

To make it able to find the correct fields I did load locus maps ressources over locus version package name.

is this the last GPS fix?

f.add(cLocusField("my_gps_fix", "gps_fix", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getTime())));

Sensor data are part of myLocation, what does happen with sensor data if you lost gpx fix? Is that even correct to get sensor data over myLocation?

        f.add(cLocusField("sensor_hrm", "heart_rate", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getSensorHeartRate())));
        f.add(cLocusField("sensor_cadence", "cadence", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getSensorCadence())));
        f.add(cLocusField("sensor_speed", "", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getSensorSpeed())));
        f.add(cLocusField("sensor_strides", "strides_label", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getSensorStrides())));
f.add(cLocusField("sensor_temperature", "temperature", u -> String.valueOf(u.getLocMyLocation().getSensorTemperature())));

What is getEleNeutralHeight? What is a neutral elevation value?

average_moving_speed Label is wrong in german on dashboard component selection because you did concat the translation for the field with translation for moving "Tempodurchschn.(Bewegung) (Bewegung)"

How does isNewZoomLevel and isNewMapCenter work? I guess these do only work if you use periodecUpdate instead of get update container.

How does isMapVisible work? Would be cool to know if you have a non transluent dashboard open or at least it would be good to know if you have any dashboard open.

I didn't use all your ressources strings because some of them are to short and some of the labels are combinations of multible string ressources.

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Hello Falco,

you really ARE active user who supplies me with work :)

"my location" object is really what you need. It contains latest known data that are valid for defined coordinates. You also found good old week spot of app ... if you lost GPS fix, then you will get no new sensor data. Location object is a bearer and when there is no new location, there is no new sensor data. Have to fix this finally (once).

"getEleNeutral" ... summary of elevation changes are divided into three parts > positive (you are moving up), neutral (you move on flat area) and negative (you are walking down). And here "distance" say horizontal value and "height" say vertical value.


"isNewZoomLevel" and "isNewMapCenter" are correctly set when using this handler: . You may do this manually by simply compare previous zoom and map center with new.


Label ... hmm. They needs to make shorter :/.


"isMapVisible" say if main app screen is currently in the foreground, so the user is currently watching a map. There is currently no parameter related to dashboard.

Hope I gave you all necessary answers.


Yes, your answers did match my thoughts about it.

Neutral Elevation Distance make sense. But Neutral Elevation Height is always 0 according to your description.



Should be 0, but most probably won't be as "neutral" change is meant elevation change lower than 2%. So sum of these minor changes will be included in this "neutral" values.

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