Something wrong in downloading maps at close zoom level

Hugo Botas shared this problem 8 years ago
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If I have 2 points, and I want to take a picture of each one using "Download Map -> Around Points", with 1 meter radius (it`s the minimum it allows) at closest zoom possible, how can it takes 7326 tiles to do so? 73,26 MB ?!?

A tile per POI, is not possible?

It should allow you to take a snapshot at closest zoom level of chosen points, c:geo static maps style, very useful for geocaching. That`s actually the second of two reasons why I still have to use c:geo. The other are the spoilers, but you are working your way


Hugo Botas

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Hello Hugo,

I really suggest to check these texts


and mainly


PS: spoiler downloaded is in locus since current version, so I suggest to check Geocaching tools > GC Offlinizer


Hugo Botas

Hugo Botas less than a minute ago

Thanks for you replay, but like i told at the closest zoom AND at the smallest radius it requires more than 1 tiles per POI

Steps: Select Google Satellite Maps, Select Download Maps, Select POIS, Around points, then chose 1 meter for the radius, hit ok, chose a category where I have ONE POI.

At this point, where you where supposed to chose the levels, no levels appear to choose. This only happens when you chose a category with just ONE point on it (bug?).

If I add a second point to the category, and repeat the steps above, I can get to the screen where I chose the levels. in zoom 20, 2232 tiles, after computing get 4 tiles, this is ok, altough it should be one only.

If you have 70 point the category, it will download 90 tiles, but will take ages to compute this. but then when hitting download, it will try to download 179270 tiles ( the number from the preview)

I can`t make the radius smaller, but that doesn`t matter cause radius 1 should be enough to produce only one tile per POI

Hope you understand,



damn, I put here only partial links, sorry ...

point is that locus show you number of tiles for a whole area as if you would download all tiles. You have to compute this value if you`re interested in precise numbers


- I have two points in a certain category with no waypoints.

- Hit download in Map Manager

- Select POIS Around Points

- Insert 1 meter radius

- Chose category mention above ( 2 POI, no waypoints )

- Shows "Area (tiles): 12 tiles - AT THIS POINT THIS IS ALREADY WRONG

- Chose Zoom 20 only (shows 106038), ok still have to be "calculated" altough at this point that calculation makes no sense. If (radius * 2) it`s smaller than a tile width, why the calculation? But wait, one more problem coming...

- Hit download. At this screen it shows 106038 tiles as a rough estimate. I Hit estimate, and it takes about 3 mins (!!!!!) computing the (radius * 2) < tile width thing.

- When it finishes, show "Download: 2 tiles, Downloaded: 0 tiles" (pretty obvious, can`t understand how it takes so long in this specific case).

- Hit Start, and Locus will NOT download the 2 it computed. He will instead download the estimated value, the 106038 tiles, and NOT the 2 tiles computed.

Hope you understand now.



I understand perfectly, but why you think Locus will download all tiles??

Imagine that you have more points, not just two. I have to test all tiles in bounding box area with all points you want to download. That`s why it take so long.

I`m sure that if you test it on some area, you`ll see that Locus really download only these two tiles


I understand in the case of a custom radius around in meters, but you could give the option to chose the number of tiles also, cause in the case of wanting just a tile it`s a useless calculation.

You could change the order of things:

After you had chosen Select POIS Around Points, you could make it ask the zoom first, and the next screen would ask the radius in meters OR in number of tiles. At this point you could inform the tile area from the zoom chosen before to help chosing number of tiles radius.

Two issues with the things as they are today:

- Not working with a category with just one point (no zooms to choose from)

- If the calculation find the exact number of tiles needed, why do you have to cycle again trough the XXXXXXXX tiles from the rough estimate in the download?




Hi Hugo,

I plan to work more on downloading system anyway just for now, you`re correct that Locus go through all tiles again. Anyway number required to test these tiles is quite low compare to number of time required on downloading. Also in case quite a huge number of required tiles for download, not everytime is useful to pre-check final tile count.

anyway as I wrote, I want to update this downloading system, make it faster and more user-friendly. So for now, I think there is no direct issue, just few not much "user-friendly" behaviours