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Sometimes rate in track has very high value...

ulmus shared this question 9 years ago

Seldom but it sometimes happens... i am riding my bicycle and import

some gpx files into locus. Some of the tracks has strange, very high

value of rate, about 288km/h! I dont know what is the cause of that, so i

am asking that question here, maybe someone had similar issue and can

help me with that. It destroy my statistics and i dont know how can i

solve that. Is it an error of gps, locus or gpx foprmat? Maybe someone

has solution for such errors?

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please attach an example file or post a link


In attachement tthere is the track that has over 200km/h on my bike:)

on locus and some other online services it is the same, but only on one online service all is correct, max is about over 30km/h (trackprofiler).


Your Locus Version?

because in last beta looks ok



I see... i gave downloaded track from another place, not original...

Now in attachement is file exported from Locus, not edited anywhere.

If you were so patient to look into it once again...


slowly.. :)

first gpx was the original (downloaded from any website) and it was ok.

then you import this file into locus

and then you export it??


Ok, slowly...

i downloaded gpx from my gps receiver into locus and that was the second file i uploaded here.

The first file uploaded here was the file i edited somewhen, somewhere else, it was just easier to upload here that file and i didnt remember that it was edited, so... that's why i uploaded the first file.

Maybe when i was editing gpx file, i had deleted some points with so high speed...

So... maybe gpx has errors or receiver had weak signal or something but i looked into gpx file and couldnt find speed value of 222km/h as i can see in locus statistic now (the second file uploaded).


i did regex "speed>\d\d\d" and havnt found any three digiti speed value


Ohh, you edit the file by yourself...

Speed is calculated from point to point (time, distance)

So i can help here.

Please try to edit your file with an other trackeditor.


:) thanx for your pationce but gpx with 222km/h was not edited, it was just downloaded from my gps receiver.

I noticed that my receiver gives <speed> meta in gpx... i dont know if it is an standard but maybe locus should take that meta of the trackpoint if it exists in data?

And if i would edit gpx on my own, i could only delete ponits, not edit them, so it couldn't get speed so high if i would delete points, could it? No way, maths is maths.

So... conclusion is that gpx has some error data (maybe long jump of position when i was under the trees or something that could generate so high speed) but i have <speed> meta in track point data record, maybe locus should handle that in the future?

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