Sort option by "found date"

balloni55 shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback

since V3.19 it´s possible to move found geocaches automatic

"new settings of automatic tasks after successful "Found it" logs of caches"

so i created a "found" folder and this folder grows up more and more an i lost overview of it´s content

So my idea: add option by "found date", to sort content of this folder

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Good evening balloni,

thanks for sharing this idea. Agree this may be useful. Unfortunately for me it is quite complicated task, because all "field notes" lives in Locus completely independently on cache points. And only in rare cases when field notes for certain cache are needed (like display of cache screen), these logs are found and loaded.

What you need here is loading of all field notes for all caches in folder and sorting by latest field note of every cache. In current system, such task will be really really really slow, sorry.

So I'm keeping this idea open for voting, anyway I'll need to see bigger interest, because it will be quite a lot of work. Thanks for understanding.


Hello menion,

thanks for your answer, we´ll see votes ;-)


Hi!Is it possible in the meantime to realize this kind of sort for found-date?

Kind regards. :-)


This would be really useful!

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