SOS Emergency: how to broadcast my GPS position?

Tristan Stanic shared this question 10 months ago


In case of emergency, is there a convenient way in Locus Map to send my GPS position to my friends / family?

Let's assume I do an easy hike I didn't activate the live tracking function nor location sharing in Goggle Map. Then let's say something unforeseen happened, I would like to send my current GPS position via SMS text to my buddies. Let's assume phone reception works OK. Currently, here is what I do:

  1. Center the map (lower left icon)
  2. Long press on the current point to popup the context menu
  3. Expand the context menu, tap on "i Details"
  4. The Basic Info screen appears, select Share
  5. Select text message
  6. Tap on the "+" button, select coordinates (text)
  7. Tap on the "+" button again, select Google Maps (URL)
  8. Finally tap on the share button, select the SMS app and send

This works OK, but quite a long process. Less experienced users may get confused by that too many steps. In particular, in case of emergency, we may need to perform that operation quicker.

QUESTION: is there a simpler way? If not, can you add a function "Emergency current position share". Which simply ask which app you want to share (SMS message app in my case), then LocusMap manage to sent the CURRENT position with all the relevant details (Lat/Long, Google Map URL, and whatever you deem necessary for an emergency contact.


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Hi Tristan,

there is the "My current location" feature in Locus. You can find it under the "Share" menu: if you place the "share" button into the function panel, you can get to the "my current location" with only two taps.

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Hi Michael,

This is it! Thanks. Issue solved.

You guys should think about making a series of training videos. There are so many features in Locus. I would like to learn but it's quite time consuming to self-learn advanced features.