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Sound alerts

Rob shared this idea 12 years ago

Hi menion, I confirm that alerts are working great with new Version 2.0.2. - thanks!

Question regarding settings:

it ́s confusing to me because I could not turn one type of alert (POI or track) off, just either both off or both on.

So how are the correct settings when

a) POI Alert to sound when coming closer

b) Track alert when moving away from track

Because you told once that it is not possible to have both simultaniously. (

Nevertheless I ask again: it would be nice to have both, with different sounds. Have a POI alert (e.g. for sightseeing, for dangerous landmarks, for hidden caves,...) and be warned when leaving track.

Hope you find a solution.


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Hi Rob,

as I read in older topic "is it correct, that I cannot have both sounds simultan: higher frequence if closer to POI AND. different sound if moved away from Track" you wanted to have enabled two types of notification for track guiding at once. This is not possible (actually)

but in question above you write "it would be nice to have both, with different sounds. Have a POI alert (e.g. for sightseeing, for dangerous landmarks, for hidden caves,...) and be warned when leaving track. ". But this is possible I think, You can enabled "Guide on" along track with sound notification when you leave track. And also enable feature called "POI alert" which will notify you on close visible POIs.


well I tried, but only got warnings when leaving the track and not when approaching POI.

My sound-settings were:

POI: higher frequency when closer as 100m

track: when leaving track (50m) - own sound

I choose : guide on track.

Maybe I just missed to set a tickmark anywhere...

I do not understand the difference in the PO settings:

Routes/Guides: Sound when closer,


POI Alarm setting (from the right hand menue), when POI is near ?


forget for now on track notification


1. display some points on map

2. tap on right panel on POI alert (or in list of features)

3. set some distance and press OK

when you`ll now move with map close to some point, you should see small line on map between you (map center cross, GPS when turned on) and point and also some sound notification from this feature.

is it working?


I tested it inhouse !

when GPS is OFF: it sounds when I move map close to the POIs in distance I set (100m, or 250m) (no line)

when GPS is ON, (but no satellit-signal) - it doesn ́t sound ! - and no line (maybe due to not having actualposition)

I can only test further outdoor in the evening, when leaving office...


fine, it will be same with gps, don`t worry. So this is system of POI alert. And when you enable this (POI alert) and also notification for track, both can run at same time ...


ok, I ́ll proof later on... :-)



So, menion you are right: POI alert AND track alert when moving away really works.. I think I know what MY problem was: I mixed up waypoints and POIs - still not knowing what the difference is.*

I only set the soundsettings: piep when approaching a WAYPOINT and sound when moving away from track. Never used POI alert before.

*Can you pls explain for dummies :-)



there`s not difference between this. I think that waypoint and point and POI (point of interest) ... ah, they`re all same :). I`ll copy here end of discussion from forum on this topic just for case someone will find it useful

Question: "What is the difference in the Sound notification settings where you can set sounds for waypoints (and tracks) to the POI alert settings ?"

firstly POI alert is separate feature with own settings that works on ALL visible points on map at once!

All settings under menu > settings > guiding are applied only when you tap on point or track and enable Guiding


- if you want to be alerted on every points on map, use POI alert (settings is in dialog where you define this feature, nothing more)

- if you want to be noticed on one single point, tap on this point and enable "Guide on". For this use settings > guiding and Waypoint section

- if you want to be "navigated" along track, tap on track and enable "Guide on". For this use settings > guiding and Tracks section

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