Speed/Distance info on screen seperated from Recording

Ger H. shared this idea 4 years ago

It would be nice if the speed and distance info could be read from the main screen. Instead of that I need to click the Rec button first.

Maybe it is an idea to seperate the speed /distance info from the recording screen?

Especially for bikers it is nice to see the speed/distance info :)

It could be, for example, in the top corner....whatever.


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Hello Ger,

I'm sure such feature already exists thanks to "Dashboard" feature in Locus Pro.

For more info, read here http://support.locusmap.eu/hc/en-us/articles/200309851-Dashboard

How to edit dashboards is here http://support.locusmap.eu/hc/en-us/articles/200730102-Dashboard-editor


Awesome! Didnt know this existed lol.

Thank you very much Menion :)