Speedometer (or even anymeter) widget

Vlad Koshelev shared this idea 8 years ago
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It would be great to have speedometer widget with current speed, recording distance and duration info. The data is accessible now from GPS and Recording views (nearby locus icon at top of screen) but text is too small to read while riding bike.

The widget may look like semi-transparent overlay over map (show/hide using button on toolbar) with customizable set of indicators and may be with customizable view: font size, position, etc.

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I just noticed custom screens support function: http://forum.asamm.cz/viewtopic.php?f...

I think that`s exactly what I want. Cool! thanks! :)


fine :) good luck with Custom screen creating


in my opinion, custom screens might be a nice idea but are unfortunately quite useless in real life. will locus really never get properly configurable data widgets on its main screen? that is very sad :(


why useless?

and no, configurable widgets on main screen are not planned, sorry


custom screens are useless because

a) everybody wants different things. i want speed on topleft, altitude on topright, mapname on bottom center. my friend wants speed on topright and altitude on topleft. are we really supposed to write custom screens for each and every usage case? what if i suddendly want an odometer too? just write a new custom screen? what i am bored of the odometer? quit locus, unzip some custom screen xml directory, edit a text file, zip it again, restart locus. thats quite ridicolous.

b) custom screens disable normal locus functionality. i have to actively close them, then handle the map and do the things i want, then reopen the custom screen. that is not very practicable and simply does not work on a moving bike.

c) custom screens were not accepted by your users. i just had a look at whats available for download. its mostly buggy crap with overlapping fonts and whatever. sorry, i know this is not your fault, but it simply shows how much this feature is "loved".

d) writing custom screens while on the road is close to impossible.

seriously... locus is by far the most advanced gps app on the planet. but it severly lacks in very basic features. i cant even see my current speed or the current altitude or what i have climbed already. even silly garmins or a five-euro-speedometer beat the shit out of locus in this regard.

every other gps app on the planet that i have ever used features a customizable OSD, even pathaway on windows mobile from about ten years ago did it and it was very useful and very good. why must locus be different?

custom screens might have their use in very few very specialized cases. keep them by all means. but for the simple basics like just having a text field with the current speed somewhere, they are nonsense.

btw... configurable OSD boxes could also make many of your other static menu buttons obsolete (saving screen estate). just as an example:

the box with the current map name could do

"zoom out" when clicked left,

"zoom in" when clicked right,

call the quickmapswitch when clicked in the center

call the map manager when long clicked

change to next bigger scale map when long clicked left,

change to next smaller scale map when long clicked right,

etc, all this with just one single box. the possibilities are quite endless.

just my two cents. i believe i will get told off by custom screen lovers now :).


seriously... if i just feel that i am interested in my current climbing speed today, i want to tell locus to display the current climbing speed. is that so hard to understand?

i do NOT want to

a) book a flight back home.

b) start programming a custom screen on my windows pc.

c) upload and test the custom screen on my android device.

d) book a return flight to south america.

e) continue cycling about a week later.


and seriously number two and because i stopped biking for today and am in writing mood... menion... you are the king of overengineered GUIs. just look at your search page or at what you did for the position reporting thingy instead of one simple text field. but yet for the most basic feature of a gps app (which is displaying data), you want your users to edit xml files. i just dont understand it.

but you would probably rather write a flashy new custom screen editing app than letting us have data on locus main screen... am i right? :)


ps: help me people! vote for this topic if you want fancy data buttons on locus main screen. apparently voting is the cool thing to do on getsatisfaction and the only reason to let the old and perfectly working support forum die a quiet death of neglection.