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Spoiler pics in Locus

Bernhard Stöcker shared this question 12 years ago

Re-Initiate the question to implement spoiler pics from geochaching, com direkt to the cache or with the help from spoilersync (filefolde like "spoiler")

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I think this is already solved. I was implementing this feature some time ago. Unfortunately it`s not yet perfectly documented.

Answer on locus forum is here.

Current solution:

- download data with SpoilerSync

- put extracted data to Locus/data/geocaching directory (or one subdirectory like Locus/data/geocaching/dataToday). If you then press on geocache on map and show main cache screen, Locus will try to find GCCODExxx.html file, and if will be success, new "Spoilers" tab will appear

Any comments are welcome ...


Thanks Menion,

i will try this.

Its a very good App, i like it.

A suggestion, when i "in the wild" and download a bunch of Caches (normaly i choose around 50 in a circle of 10 km) is it possible to download the Spoilers with the Cachedata?

Thank you



It would really be nice to be able to access the images on-the-fly while in the field.

A lot of my caching is spur of the moment and does not lend itself to using a PC App like SpoilerSync.

Having the ability to save the images is also useful when you are planning a trip, especilly when you expect to have poor cell phone reception.

Thanks for your consideration,



Yes, I would like this feature, too.

Out in the field I can open the geocache in the browser, but this needs time and bandwidth to navigate to the pictures. A direct integration of pictures (spoilers) in the geocache details (an other tab) would be great!


created own downloading system. More here:

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