Spoken street names in navigation

mike k. shared this question 3 years ago

I'm considering purchasing the pro version to replace "Google maps" and "Map My Hike". Before I upgrade, does the function currently exist to announce street names during navigation? If not, is this function going to be implemented in an update?


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Good day Mike,

If street names are available or not, depend on a compute source for navigation. If I remember correctly, for example MapQuest is able to display and use also street names.

Anyway I want's to suggest you two things:

1) Locus Map Free offer same features as Locus Map Pro (except automatic recalculate if we speak about navigation), so I really suggest to test Locus Map Free. There is absolutely no reason to purchase paid version, until you will be satisfied with Locus Map Free.

2) main purpose of this app is hike/bike so real street navigation (like TomTom etc.) is not main purpose. Do not please expect miracles. I works, I personally drive a car only with Locus, but it needs to be aware that it may not be perfect.


Thank you Menion. You've answered my question. I really like the program and would like to contribute to its success. I'll keep testing and will most likely purchase the pro version.

Thanks again.