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Starting google maps navigation from locus maps?

Jari shared this question 3 years ago


Is it possibile to start google maps navigation from locus maps?

It would be great if i could use locus to browse my POIs and when i choose navigation to POI it would jump to google maps and starts navigation to selected coordinates.

This would be nice because google maps navigation works better and voice instructions are better in my own language. Also because locus dont support android auto, it would be nice way use navigation in car by selecting POI from locus.

There is c:geo app where this is done like this.

If this is not possible already in locus then i think it would be very good option to add.

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Hi Jari

- open the POI you want to be navigated

- click navi button in bottom panel of POI details

- select G-navigation

is this what you are looking for?



Shit, what a huge 🤦‍♂... how in hell i haven't found that.

Yes, this was exactly what i was looking. Thanks!

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