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Statkart - raster and country

fefrivold shared this question 5 years ago


you did recently a change in Statkart map and changed it from country to raster map.

I personally likes country-map much better than rastermap. Especially at level 14 and 15, I think rastermap is poor.

I understand that you are of a different opinion. However, can you create new maps in Locus Store, which allows us to choose either country- raster or sailing map?

I have tried to circumvent this by using the WMS, but it seems it works slower. It draws a map first, and the other wms is placed on top. When I go out of the app, the app does not remeber wms, and have to choose it again.

I would appreciate it if you consider the possibility of giving us the opportunity to choose Statkarts countrymap again.

Thank you for making the best map-app!

Best regards,

Fred-Elias Frivold

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Push up. I really miss the previous map. Why not offer both?


Fred, I cannot push direct message here. If you want a perfect solution, contact me on mail you can find in other topic regarding this.


Hi Guys,

I'm sorry for this old and unanswered topic. I think that we already discussed it in separate topic. Unfortunately my experiences are little bit different. Basically it seems that it's better to combine simple map layers with the detailed layers. For this reason it's possible to zoom in to detailed levels 16 - 18 (country-map layers). The zoom levels 14 - 15 are probably poor or more schematic but have better readability. At least on the high resolution devices.

For this reason I would reject or close this question. However let me know if there is any vital problem with layers in zoom 14 - 15.

Thank you

Best regards


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