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Stop icon being displayed to prompt downloading of elevation files.

Žilina shared this question 5 years ago

Hi Guys,

For years I’ve manually copied the hgt elevation files I require into the strm folder.

However over the last year or so when I zoom the map out and areas are displayed beyond the borders of the elevation data an icon will pop up in the top right corner of the screen (a mountain with a little red warning triangle). Clicking in it will prompt me to download the required elevation files... this will invariably fail every time.

Is there a way I can stop this icon popping up as I’m not concerned about any missing elevation data outside of my required map areas?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :-)

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hmm you seem to be another victim of this problem. For an unknown reason, some users are unable to download HGT files. We have all possible information, but we are still unable to simulate this problem. I'll try to push this problem higher in our priorities and we will focus on it next days.

Meanwhile: if this will be solved and app correctly downloads missing data, is it ok for you. Or is for you essential to really ignore missing elevation data and get rid of an icon in the corner? It is possible to do such settings on the second side you are first (after maybe half a year since this feature was introduced) who do not like it.



I'm not too bothered about about not being able to download the missing elevation files as I have manually copied all the hgt files I need to the strm folder.

However I do find the frequent"missing elevation data icon popping up in the right top corner of the map view annoying.

The ability to turn off this notification would be useful.

Thanks :)



oki, understand. I would really rather fix/improve system how app offer elevation data, when these data are needed, then creating another option how to completely hide this functionality.

I think we have just fixed the problem with downloading of these files (weird error message), so please wait on next version and let us know if all will work as expected. An icon should really appear only when some elevation data are required, but missing. And downloading of missing HGT files should, of course, work correctly.



Having the option to hide this functionality would be perfect.Thank you :)

P.S. I sometimes do get the missing elevation data icon for areas where I have manually installed hgt files :/

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