Storing data on SD card

Dieter Gräwe shared this question 7 months ago
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I have Locus Map Pro newest version on my Samsung S7 with Android 8.

When trying to put the Locus data to the SD-Card, I get a message that this not possibe sicne Android 4...

Andoid 8 has no problem with this, I can store data for other apps on the card.

Please change this soon !

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Hi Dieter,

you probably did not read the whole information on the alert box - storing Locus data on SD card is possible, but not everywhere. You can't put the data in SD card root directory - it's not possible even on Android 8. However, you can store Locus in a dedicated folder in Android/data/ Only keep in mind all Locus data including your purchased maps are deleted from this folder, when you uninstall Locus. More information: