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Straight on at road junctions

Dave Welsh shared this question 8 years ago

I had a destination and a starting point. I asked Locus to lay out a route. It went pretty much where I expected it to with only a few minor manual changes. The Problem is I would be going along my route and locus would tell me to go straight through when ever another road joined my route. Like a T intersection or a 4 way. None of the times I had to stop or yield. I always told me to go straight, if there were 2 or 3 roads joining my route it would announce all of them. Is that a setting I have turn on or somthing. When I am following my route I do not want it to tell me to go straight at every road junction.

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Good day Dave,

in your case, you probably use "Navigation along own track" as described in this manual right ?

In this case, Locus compute navigation orders from a shape of track, not from a real situation on road. In this case, small curve result in "turn left/right" order etc.

If this is your case, I'm unable to do something with it now, because Locus do not support real offline navigation.

If you anyway use any of service like MapQuest etc. (online) for compute of track and you get here a lot of "go straight" points, write me start and end coordinates and type of route you compute (MapQuest car, etc,) so I can simulate your problem.

Anyway because track is computed on web server, I'm worried there will be a little I can do here.


Thank you,

That is exactly what I have done and the way I was tying to use it.

Any coverage in west Texas is rare. That is why I had it offline.

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