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Strange behavior map themes vs presets with map themes

Wolfgang shared this question 4 years ago

Merry Christmas!

I mentioned here that old themes are no more needed. I had a look at the file system and mentioned there 4 folders from openandromaps themes. So I closed locus, deleted these four folders, started locus again and installed the elevate from openandromaps.

Now I wanted to set the correct theme in my presets. I mentioned that I see different available themes, some seem to be greyed out....

Attached two screenshots with different "available" themes. One is when I want to change the current theme, the other is the choice of the presets. Should not both screenshots show the same choice of themes?

Sorry for mixed language on the screenshots. Only English does not work anymore since a longer time.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Hello Wolfgang,

hopefully, this will have a logical explanation. On the first screenshot are visible themes for new V4 based maps (mostly OpenAndroMaps). On the second screenshot are themes for older V3 based maps, like LoMaps or any other sources.

Please ignore also little lighter color of "map" icon that looks disabled, but it isn't. It is really just not fully black. I'll change it to complete black not to confuse.

In presets is an option to select from both theme versions as you may see on my screenshot


So enable selection for V4+ version and life will be nice again ;). Hope this helps.


Hi Menion,

thanks for the quick response. Even the advanced mode already was activated I took some time to find the possibility to enable v4 for the presets. This was tricky and I needed the help page. But now it's enabled and I am happy again :D

Thanks a lot !





Complicated setup ... hmm, still can't figure out how to make it simplier (more logical). Anyway now you know :).

Have a nice evening,




it's just my personal meaning regarding the setup of presets. I did not realize the round edit button on the bottom. The reason is that I did not expect to go much deeper in the menu to enable/disable features which could be used for the current preset. I thought I already see everything.

But no problem. It's fine I found it now :)

Thanks Wolfgang

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