Strava has changed his way of sharing tracks in 3 level: visible to everyone, only followers, me

Pavel KRÝŽE shared this problem 22 months ago

In locus there is the possibility to choose between 2 status when exporting the track: visible to everyone and only me. But now Strava has changed to 3 levels and when exporting a track to Strava Locus puts only in the status visible to everyone.

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Good day Pavel,

thanks for reporting this issue. I was checking documentation from Strava, but unfortunately it is little outdated. So I wrote to Strava DEV support and here is the answer:

The preferred path has always been to rely on the athlete's default setting and with the recent privacy improvements, it is now the only way. Overidding default-as-private (aka OnlyMe) has never been possible, so this just completes the circle. 

Please direct your users to on how to set their default as they desire.
So result is: setup of privacy over API (directly from Locus Map) does not work and even won't work because Strava does not simply support it.

So in one of next versions, this option will be completely removed from Locus Map.

Thanks for understanding.



OK, thanks for the explanation. Have a nice day.