"street name/road number indicator" only with GraphHopper ?

balloni55 shared this question 11 months ago

Hello menion


currently this row is only available using GraphHopper, in manual there is no info about that...

is this correct, or am I overlooking something ?

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Hello balloni,

as I know, BRouter does not include some kind of "Addresses", so for now, only online GraphHopper supply street names.

I already tried to fill names of streets from the offline address database that Locus Map has, but I remember that my last attempt maybe a year ago was quite slow so I left it.

This row anyway also display some custom texts & messages that may be supplied over GPX file (Willy/0709 is expert in this area). In Locus Map 4 will be also an option to customize this message for individual track waypoints, so usage of this row will be extended over time ...



thank you for your answer and explanationI am curious waiting for LM4