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Styling imported kml files

Agustin Lobo shared this question 4 years ago

I have imported a kml file of polygons, each polygon with a different Name attribute.

All get the same color line and the Name attribute is not displayed. How could I set a different

color for each polygon contour and/or display the Name attribute?

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Good day Agustin,

firstly it is necessary to keep in mind, that Locus Map is not made as data analysis tool, but for hike & bike purpose. So such feature is not included.

KML format setup style of every polygon on its own. So if you export your data from any tool to KML, you should be probably able to include polygon color to KML as well.

And about "name". When you tap on any visible polygon on the map, its name is not the name of the KML file?

If app act different then you expect, please attach here any sample file so I may test it, thank you!


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