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Darren Grant shared this question 9 months ago

Hi, I have had Locus Map Pro on my Samsung Galaxy8 for some time now but recently, attempts to buy Locoins have failed due to an error with Google Play. Anyway, to try and obtain further maps, I purchased a Google Play gift card so that I could either use as a voucher or subscribe and acquire Locoins. When I tap the subscriptions item on the settings menu in Locus Map Pro, it takes me to a blank screen. Is there something that I need to do in order to subscribe to LocusMapPro via Google Play Subscription service?

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I'm not sure what exactly you want to achieve. There isn't any Google Play Subscription for Locus Map PRO. The maps for Locus App are available in Locus Store and you need to purchase LoCoins in Google Play (as you wrote) to pay for maps in Locus Store.

Basically Open Menu > Store > Right (account) Panel > Buy LoCoins > open Google Play and apply your gift card as described in

The blank subscription screen - I guess that you mean Store > Right Panel > Subscriptions. If blank it means that there aren't any subscription in Locus Store. Some maps are available as subscription but again the LoCoins are needed.

However I would rather solve the issue with an error in Google Play. Please feel free to email me if error will appears again

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Hi Petr, thanks for your prompt reply. 

My problem started when I tried to buy more LoCoins directly from the Locus Map PRO app but after clicking on the desired number of coins I am presented with a Google Pay error DF-BA-AH-01 which I know is a Google issue not a LMP issue. My next attempt was to try a voucher. I acquired a Google Play card and attempted to redeem it directly in the LMP app but the voucher code was not accepted. I noticed the Subscriptions item in the LMP menu and I thought I could make a transaction through the Subscriptions item via Google Play. After some run around, I have some credit on Google Play store but I am not sure how to Buy LoCoins (or a voucher to to the same) using the credit now available to me.

I love your app and the continual improvement to features but there is some technicality within my Google settings (it may be phone settings, I don't know) that is thwarting my efforts to get more maps. I am reluctant to make a brand new google account for fear that I will lose all the maps and tracks that I have invested in.

Darren Grant

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Hi Darren,

I see. In first step is needed to say that is NOT possible to apply Google Gift card in Locus Map app. Vouchers and Subscriptions that you can see in Locus app are our internal vouchers used only in Locus Store. There isn't any relation between voucher in Locus and your Google Play gift card.

The only way how to get LoCoins is: Open Menu > Store > Right (account) Panel > Buy LoCoins > open Google Play. But as I understand that isn't possible because you get mentioned Google Pay error DF-BA-AH-01 error.

Please search for any solution how to solve this GP error. See for example

Please let me know about progress

BR Petr


Fixed, as its a managed domain for google - google payments was disabled - re-enabling google payment services fixed the issue