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A more intutive method of loading Vector Map Themes

TJ Rac shared this idea 9 years ago


Unless I am incorrect the only way a Vector Map Theme can be loaded is to go to

"Main Menu>Settings>Maps-Advanced>Vector Maps: Theme of Vector Maps>desired theme".

That seems a bit convoluted and does not function the same way as choosing themes for raster maps.

IF POSSIBLE(maybe not) a more efficient and intuitive method might be when a Vector map is loaded the Themes Icon and Right Panel Icon would have the options similar to "Chose Theme"and "Choose Vector Theme".

Possibly a separate Right Panel Icon that would only function for Vector Maps might also be a workable option.



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there are already two options how to change theme more conveniet. Please see article:

The second approach with quick switch is very similar to your suggestion.


To be more precise, there are three ways

  1. Settings (as TJ Rac wrote)
  2. Quick switch
  3. Details screen on map itself

I believe that such possibilities is more then enough. So idea is already "implemented"


Thank you for the link. I did a search of the 319 page User Guide PDF file and also using the online manual. Guess my search terms were not concise enough.

But, it does show that LOCUS is a well written application and the author is attempting to cover as many user scenarios as possible.

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