Trip computer, odometer like "bike computer"

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Short version: record only summary of passed distance, altitude etc. not points itself like during track recording.

Long version: In the past i used for biking my "hardware" bike-computer. now i ́m using more and more locus for my bike sessions. one great difference between "computer" and locus: my bike computer store automaticly data like...

- total km

- total avg-speed

- total biking-time

- total altitude

and so on ...

OK. I know Locus isn ́t a Bike Computer. But i think it will be also for hiking or other sports a good feature if Locus stored such data too. That summary data maybe can be stored only while track-recording resp. -routing, or every time the locus app is running and the phone is in motion...

what do you think about this idea?

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You can use recording and then afterwards check the information, but also instantly the "Mytracks" skin. This one gives you a real bike computer dashboard. Download My Tracks skin from Locus Shop.


i know this skin and i use it some times for recording tracks. but only another skin isn ́t what i want: A summary of all my activities with locus.

Don ́t understand me wrong. It don ́t must be shown on a skin like an original bikecomputer. That summary-section can be a textpage that is e.g. available with a button on the "right side shortcuts", or a section in the main-menu. you know?


Aha, I was thinking "trip data" and you are looking for accumulated data for a total year or forever?


One more question for better understanding: Should the requested function

- only "count" to the summary if any trackrecording is done or

- track recording with special bike profile is done or

- all the time that locus is active with gps?

Background: Some User have different activities with Locus.

Maybe the summary data collection should be configurable in the settings?


I think that Wayfinder just mean somethink like "still enabled bike computer", so it will just store not every point, but only distance, elevation, time etc. whole time, GPS is enabled and displaying on some simple screen correct?


yes Menion, correct. thats exactly the function that i mean.

@ all: forget the word "bike-computer". think more about a backround "motion data logger". ;-)


Krzysztof, there are several Dashboards and Custom screens in Locus. You will find them through Menu/Functions

Try the Mytracks custom screen or even design your own Dashboard.


That was interesting to see summary from biking or another activities in a screen to see how many i be active on this week, month or year.

In the Tracklogbook you can integrate the summary?

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Good day Thomas,

please follow base rule on this help desk: post mainly requests fora new ideas in English. You are also probably talking about same idea as here . Suggest to vote there. Current idea will be removed. Thank you for understanding.



Hi guys.

I made a dashboard with data about:

- time till destination

- distance from destination

- distance from start

- arrival time

- battery condition

- altitude profile (elevation profile?) - If you want it, it can be downloaded in the forum.

So I soon have a lot of information! But I also would like to have an information about the daily walked kilometers as I often leave the track. Also an accumulated data for a total year or forever would be great. As this is not implemented in Locus I use the app "Sportractive" to get that. But it would be great to have all those infos in Locus and not to need to use two apps instead of just one.

Locus is great anyway - but with having these infos inside, it would be simply FANTASTIC!

Kind Regards, Tom aka Tim Buktu

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