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Zsolt Szalay shared this idea 5 years ago
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During multiday trekking, it can be more convenient to plan ahead by the sunrise or sunset times, knowing the actual time loses on its importance. Locus displays sunrise/sunset time by the GPS location, while the few sunrise/sunset apps/widgets I have found display bunch of unnecessary info including "unknown location" if I am somewhere in the mountains.

To check it, I often have to open Locus to check it on the top panel, which is small and in sunny weather sometimes hard to read.

The Idea:

If this information could be displayed as a standalone widget or part of the existing Locus widgets, it could make the outdoor experience more immersive. One could put it on the phone's main screen replacing the usual big clock widget.

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Please consider adding it as a source

for dashboards

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If you don't use Locus, it has nothing to do with Locus anymore.
I suggest you tell the other widget to remove unnecessary information.

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