Support for Bluetooth GPS LE connection

Skully Fox shared this idea 4 months ago
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Hi. Menion.

Now, I know Locus uses bluetooth spp connection.

Can Locus app connect with devices that use BLE(bluetooth low energy) protocol?

If not, We hope Locus support that later.


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it depends on what you want connect to Locus Map. In Bluetooth manager, except GPS, Polar and Zephyr HRM devices, rest is already based on BLE. So if you have a new heart rate monitor, it should already work.



I want to connect to Locus with external bluetooth gps device that applied BLE (my own DIY device)

Is it impossible to connect BLE mode with gps devices?


Ah, so we talk about GPS. I think I read about this feature request somewhere, but can't find it now.

So I've changed your question to the idea and updated a title little bit.

I believe it is doable and most probably, BT connection will be an important topic during the next months.


I'm upvoting it.

I'm also playing around with DIY bluetooth gps devices and android apps, and so far it seems that there are two ways to do BLE gps connection:

- using the BLE location and navigation service

- using the "UART over BLE" service to send NMEA strings . Note that this is not a standard bluetooth protocol but something defined by nordic semiconductors, and now quite mainstream.

I'm not sure which of these solutions is to be found on most BLE gps devices (most of them require their specific app to work with an android device so...), but I guess the second one is much closer to the SPP protocol, so it should be reasonably simple to do in Locus (once you get the NMEA strings it should be all the same).

I hope this is usefull.