Support for standard render themes

Matjazz shared this question 12 months ago

In the Openadromaps page I red that locus supports standard render themes:

The Locus download contains two version: the normal version for Locus, which is shown only when multilingual/V4 maps are used. And the "LE" (Locus Edition) which is an automatic conversion and is used for normal V3 maps. As Locus uses its own mapsforge version not all possibilities of mapsforge 0.5 are supported for V3 maps.

AFAIK only Opeandromaps makes custom themes for Locus while Freizeitkarte, Tiramisu... make only standard theme. Standard themes are also easier to view on desktop (MOBAC, Cruiser)

Is there or will there be a way to use standard render themes on all maps?

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there is a similar topic where I tried to explain that we have no exact plans with MapsForge maps at this time.

We realize that the customized Locus Mapsforge renderer is not an ideal solution for the coming years. But on the other hand it still has some benefits for Locus.

I'm sorry, I can not give a clear answer right now. However, we know about these limitations and we will definitely keep it in mind.

Thank you