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Support voice-hints from the latest version of brouter

Daniel shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

From 10 April 2016 brouter can add to gpx format a voice hints:

  1. <wpt lon="20.018013" lat="50.081752"><name>left</name><extensions><locus:rteDistance>11.0</locus:rteDistance><locus:rtePointAction>4</locus:rtePointAction></extensions></wpt>

When i creating a new track and i uncheck checkbox option "compute instructions" and brouter add that waypoints to gpx. Locus pro completely discards that waypoints and i have track without voice navigation hints.

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Good day Daniel,

this is quite new feature that is currently in progress or is this already in some public official BRouter version? Cannot see such update on Google Play.

To your problem: when you "uncheck" compute instructions, you won't hear and see any instructions, that's why there exists such option. Option needs to be checked to get instructions.

Anyway current version of Locus is unable to correctly handle such instructions coming from BRouter. I did a quick fix that should help, but if you may point me on a working BRouter version I may use for test, it will be welcome.



is my build from brouter github commit 73444bb with this feature.

And to enable this feature you must assign a new variables in your routing profile turnInstructionMode and priorityclassifier. Example is in Or

Or simply download latest trekking.brf from github and change turnInstructionMode to 2 (to eanable locus style).

And yes this feature is unreleased.



1) what you wrote is not a problem. Disabled "compute instructions" cause - no instructions. Enable this to hear instructions

2) there is anyway "issue" with such new feature. But because it is a new, unofficial, non-tested, non-discussed ( it's partially discussed here ), I believe this topic is not needed for now.

Thanks anyway.

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