Suunto watches direct gpx upload from mobile app

Davide shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

Dear Sirs, locus maps is amazing on everything and I'm an enthusiastic user of the pro version. My question is: could you be able to develop the function to directly upload the gpx file from locus maps to Suunto watches (ex traverse version specific fro trekking) . This would solve the request of thousand of Suunto users and would allow to greatly increase your popularity with new users. Actually it is required an internet connection and the use of the Suunto web portal from PC/notebook. Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Best regards.

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Enable using the watch as external Sensor set would be great.



I personally have no experience with any Suunto watch and we currently do not plan on adding any support. But we will definitely follow how many votes these ideas around Suunto wearables get and reconsider if there is enough people asking for such support.

Anyway thank you for your interest and suggestions.

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