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Swiss map winter ski tours layer

myneur shared this question 4 years ago

Hi, could you enable ski routes layer in Swiss topo maps?

They provide it as „Ski routes“ online. This layer.

I don't mind the price, but I'd like to have a full map to purchase when I'm paying it. We go in 10 days.

For ski tours, this is essential to replan e. g. because of the weather.

Thank you, m

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to enable this layer would increase the price for map about 1/3 of current price. Maybe would be better to offer two types of product in to the store Swisstopo hiking, Swisstopo ski. However this the first request for winter ski routes for couple years. It would be better to change your question to an idea for voting. But we aren't able to provide this layer in next 10 days :/



Wow, that goes wild given the fact that this is already the most expensive map if I'm not wrong and I need more than one area as defined in Locus. I thought it is just as simple as configuration of the XML file.

I'll use their app then. That marks also steep slopes, which is another layer. Their app is quite lame though. But the map data always wins in the mountains...



I'm sorry I found this old but still unanswered topic. Anyway, the Swisstopo winter and also summer maps are available for free now.

Thanks, Petr

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