Switching language needs phone restart

henkvanderspek shared this problem 9 years ago

On 2.7.2 I switched to Dutch and Locus advised an app restart. I did that (even twice) but the language was stil English. I then switched off my phone and restarted and then I started Locus and voila, the new language was active.

Not a big problem anyway. (Defy on Eclair 2.1).

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hmm there is need to completely end locus. That`s why is on dialog that say "Hey I need restart" at bottom small text, to wait at least few seconds, before you start Locus again. Did you do this or you started it immediately?


Waited three minutes (this time) but no luck.

So I tried stopping the running Locus through the app drawer (is that the name of it?). Then the restart had immediate effect.


hmm it`s hard to do something here. Changing language within application is an "hack" on Android, because android itself do not simply support change of localization. Common android behavior, is that system choose best available language

problem here is clear, locus have to be completely ended, before language change take place. And as you may see, it`s not already done. I`ll check it, but I think there will be no simple solution for now ..

anyway as you wrote, it`s quite minor problem

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