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tabbed screens

Rob shared this idea 11 years ago

what do you thing about having tabbed screens for Locus ?

Instead of fiddling around - selecting track - press "i" - press "Diagram"


doubleclick on screen - select right panel - choose Customer screen ....


swipe right => Diagram of current route/track with Position indicator

swipe left => show customer screen or geocaches nearby or POIs nearby or...

The action could be done either by swiping on a dedicated zone on mapscreen, or some tabs (like in browsers) or at bottom with two arrows - see screendump.

Content of the "screens" should be user-defined.

Reason behind: I heavily use Locus for guiding and tracking - so today - when idea was born. It was raining and I often wanted to check when the tophill is approaching. During walk to fiddle on screen is not so easy.. So I had to stop - fiddle - with wet fingers - just to know how the altitude course is.

And here I wished just click left or right on BIG butons :-)

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hi, I am so surprised, that my exorbitant, brilliant, not-to-top, megaoversupertrooper idea only gets 2 votes :-) :(

Am I really the only one having this "problem" of fiddling around ? or are my fingers to humpty-dumpty.

I hope having explained precise enough. Otherwise please ask.

Dont forget to press +1 :-):-)


hm.. too much Info for me.

what i really want is this with a toggle button on the right panel:

as already suggested here:

btw. plz vote there


on a large screen (min 7") ofcourse I would prefer this "all-in-one" view - as I also suggested in this mentioned topic - , but considering some 3,5" phones, it could lead to a very small mapview.

Therefore this idea of "swiping" screens pops up ...

Nevertheless I vote for both ideas.... At least one of them to be realized I would highly appreciate...


Hi Rob,

I understand you idea, anyway

1) current plan is to improve Track information screen (more info at one place)

2) I also prefer idea with chart as a small overview on map (probably will be done in Dashboard)

3) we have also in head improved panel for track record

All this together should create something similar you want - simply and fast way to get information about current recorded track.

Tabs are definitely something, I don't want in Locus main screen. Closed

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