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Lucio Dal Pan shared this problem 7 years ago


I have a problem, a really boring problem. Maybe it doesn't depend on Locus itself, but you could help me anyway.

Locus fall down nad reloads every time I switch to some other app.

I'm using Locus, then I switch to browser, for instance, to ask someone of you, staff (for instance :-))... Well, when I come back to Locus, it reloads!

Of course, previous state is lost (visualized or hidden tracks and points, maps and so on...). Very, very boring! If I'm working on something important I can't stand it at all...

I'm using Asus Padfone 1; it seems to me not happening when I use the phone itself, just when it is inside the padfone station, i.e. tablet.

SO Android 4.1.1

Thank you a lot for your patient attention

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Good day Lucio,

I'm sorry to hear about such problem on 4.X device. This problem happen by very aggresive behavior of your system in way, how it free RAM memory.

Only solution you may do, and that may help, from Locus side, is Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Locus as a service!

If you enable this, you will see small icon in your system bar. SInce that, Locus will have higher priority and should not be killed by system as soon, as now.

Hope this helps.


Good day to you, Menion.

unfortunately I forgot to tell you that on my device Locus yet runs as a service: I tried this solution since a long time, but it doesn't work at all.

I thought about RAM administration yet, but I don't know how to find a workaround.

Maybe there is a solution in Android settings, maybe you could guess it...

Thanks for your answer.



ah this is not good. On 4.X devices this problem usually not exists, and with enabled "Locus as a service" it's almost impossible.

Anyway please

1) you have rooted device? And some custom ROM or all is original stock?

2) do you have something special on map? Like more then 1000 points? More then 10 tracks? Some huge KML overlays? Enabled map overlay or enabled WMS?

3) is same problem happen to you with any other app, like Web browser, Google Maps or any other app, that belongs between bigger memory consumers (like Locus)?

Anyway only idea I have, is to check content of system logs if there will be any key, why this happen.

We have manual how to create it here - http://support.locusmap.eu/hc/en-us/articles/200014832-How-to-create-debug-log . Section for devies older then 4.1 should work for you. If not, you will have to use first one. Hope third will not be needed :) (it's the most complicated, but 100% working)

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