Tedious icons for restaurants and other business

Francois shared this question 4 years ago

Locus Pro allowed me to download 2 free maps that display properly.

They however show icons for many businesses such as restaurants, which results with the Metro stations and other important spots difficult to locate.

Is there a way to hide the icons corresponding to businesses ?

Are they bound on the free maps and removable on maps that we pay ?

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You very likely mean Locus Vector map now called LoMaps. Restaurants are not shown on the map because the business. Honestly we don't have any profit from display them on the map. Restaurants are shown because can be important for other users. The appereance of the LoMaps can be influenced by themes. You can try 5 build-in themes or download others from Locus Store. (Menu - Store - By Usage - Graphics - Themes). For more informations about themes, please see http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:maps_locusmaps#map_themes

There is no difference between free LoMaps and charged map. The system for displaying of the POIs is the same.