Templates for OpenStreetsMaps Notes

freischneider shared this idea 4 months ago
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When I am on the MTB I find many wrong or missing way properties.

I would like to spend as little time as possible in reporting a grade.

Here it would be helpful if I had some templates. There, the text is completed.

Surface: Ground

Width: 1m

MTB scale: S1

Sac scale: T1

and so on

I can then very quickly make a note with a lot of information but little time


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So it will not be too many templates. Can you make a template for gravel roads. A template for paths. Small changes can then be made. For example, in the template MTB Scale S1 is in it. But I want to report a S2. Then I only change in which I make a 2 out of 1.

The templates would help maintain more in OSM. I would have reported something often. But the others have already driven on and I had too little time.

OSM data is a basis for Locus. So we should make grooming as easy as possible.


@ u.schmiedt

yes, care for OSM is very important. That's why I made the proposal.

The idea with small changes within template is very good. This requires only a few templates.