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Roger shared this question 6 months ago

Hi, does locus implement temporary areas? In another app I use these are called 'workspaces'. They are basically a folder where all displayed maps, points, routes, etc are saved. So you can work in one workspace or another.

If Locus does not have this, is there a way to mimic this functionality.


-I am planning a trip and the maps and way points, tracks, etc I create will only be used for this trip. When planning the trip I can go to this trip's workspace and plan my trip, I set the maps I want to see (the displayed maps are different then what I use regularly) and any other related objects. Then I switch to my normal workspace where I see the maps and objects I use at home, for biking, skiing, etc. After my trip I delete all of the trip's data, or, if it I will do the trip again later, I leave it there and can access it later.

Put another way, I want a workspace for skiing season, for bike season, for yearly tennis trip, for vacation trips, etc. And I use one workspace for each because the maps I display are different for each one because my activities change. The waypoints also are specific to each activity.


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"workspaces" as you describe them are not present in Locus. There are, however, certain options how to work them around.

From the point of view of maps, it's not possible to sort them into custom folders in Locus. You can sort them by countries, by usage (online maps only) or by time or place of using (last used, nearest used).

As for points and tracks - both categories can be sorted into custom folders and groups (skiing folder, biking folder)

As for control of the app, settings etc., you can use Presets - packages of settings and preferences that can be activates by one click (settings for skiing, settings for biking...)