Terminology: logged out "due to long inactivity"

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 5 years ago

Every three months, Groundspeak triggers the message above (or words to that effect), even if you've regularly used the feature. So the statement is not really correct.

May I suggest: "due to token expiry".

Low priority. :) Thanks.

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Hi Viajero,

And what about ...?

  1. Due to token expiry (after 90 days of inactivity) you have been signed out. Please sign in again.


If you remove the words "of inactivity", sounds perfect. (Because again, you may actually have been very active with that token.)

"Due to token expiry (after 90 days) you have been signed out. Please sign in again."

That'll work fine until Groundspeak changes the 90 days part. :) Thanks.

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