The ability to set the contrast, gamma and color saturation for each map separately.

nanoprod shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

Online and offline maps often do not look good in terms of their color settings.

They may be too pale, with low contrast, or, conversely, too dark.

Some maps do not have enough saturation, etc.

All this worsens the perception of the map, particularly small details.

It would be very useful if 3 parameters - color saturation, gamma and contrast, could be set separately for each offline and online map.

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I've tried a number of ways to cope with this, using the contrast settings in the map display options (they work very poorly on most of my maps), using overlays with various blend modes (even less effective). Some maps are impossible to view whilst driving, not Locus' fault but locus could help to fix it. It's my number 1 frustration by a big margin. In most cases increasing saturation would fix it as most roads and trails are shown as a single colour and terrain is shades. The 4U terrain maps are by far the worst with a white road on a pale grey topo - but the maps are good maps for navigating when you can make out the details!

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