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The Record breaks after 4 minutes. Pls help

Dörthe Uhle shared this question 2 years ago

If I trie to record a track, it always breaks after a few minutes. So I can't use the buyed app. Please help me.

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this behavior is most probably caused by your device battery optimization. Exclude Locus from it or turn it off. Various manufacturers have various methods, not all of them are included in the "battery optimization" settings section, they can be scattered over whole settings including security etc. All our knowledge on this problematics is summarized here: Plus two steps in Locus settings you can try but we are not certain they'll help in your case:

- go to Locus settings > GPS& Sensors > Google Services assisted location > ON

- go to Locus settings > Miscellaneous > Run Locus Map as service > ON

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