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The size of the statistics in the map preview is to big. It doesn't show all statistics.

Kalle shared this problem 6 years ago

I have the problem that the statistics on the map preview are not shown completely. It looks like, that the font size is to big. So the that the end of of the statistics is not visible. Till last week ist was okay.

Is this a bug? Or do i have to change something at the settings?

Thanks for your help.

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Dear Kalle.

Thank you for your bug report.

I've just informed Locus developer about the problem with statistics text size. I will let you know when the bug will be fixed.

Kind regards



... for a better comparison I've produced a Track Overview with the current v3.30.3 for the same track I had a Track Overview created with v3.24.X last year.Not only font size on the statistics panel is too large now (causing it not to display fully) but also the font size on the map is still too small - please compare both attached screenshots side by side.

Thank you in advance for looking at it.

best regards,Alexej


Thank you for a bug report.

The issue will be fixed in next version.


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