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Jindřich Křivka shared this idea 4 years ago
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Dear LM team,

to start I would like to many thanks to LM team for development of LM for Tizen.

It is very useful gadget, I tested it in extreme condition via a MTB race Toulání without support (I passed it on footbike).

I have a few observations and possible impovements for future

1) The map screen:

I miss some indicator of a map scale. It can be some simple rounded line with distance scale near to a bezel. This will be very useful for me.

2) The screen for track loging:

Do you think that is possible invert the colors? The watch has OLED display and the white background has high battery consumption.

3) The new screen with informaton about current track witch is used for navigation.

This is not necessary but it can be useful for more people. During the travelig is very important for me to know an actual track profile. Now, I have to take a phone from bagage and after there I can view the track profile with my current position. If it will be possible to done in some simple mode on watch, so it will be super.

4) The improvment only for mobile application

I am often using the guidance along track. The attention to change of direction is very usefull but it can be improve.

My suggestion: I would like to set the value of distance for attention about change of direction - when you go from hill so the attention in the point of crossroad is too late. And second thing will be the different sound possibilities for left or right change of direction - after that It can be used for perfect simple sound navigation without any human voice.

Thank you for your perfect work

I agree with new financial model for new future Locus version :-)


Jindrich Krivka

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Hello Jindřich,

thank you for your support and great tips how to improve our wearable app. The first three points should be quite doable. We would also like to add HR measurement support the same way as we have in our Wear OS add-on. The last point is more about the core navigation functionality, I will try to discuss this with Menion who is developing these core features.

Sorry, that the watch add-on development is so slow, but it has low priority for us at the moment while we develop some other services and upgrades to the main application.

Have a nice day,



Please open a separate topic for each idea. Only then can others make a vote.


Hello Milan,

thank you for your quick your reply and reaction. I am very patient because I am from similar development segment of electronics...

I will wait for surprise in some future update, thank you ;-)

Have a nice day too,


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