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Peter Barber shared this idea 6 months ago
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I'm a tramper in New Zealand. While LoMaps offer minimal storage requirements and good useability, with the themes I've tried they can be difficult to read in bright sunlight. Much better in this respect are the NZTopo Maps:

Is there already a Theme that uses the NZ Topo Maps colours? If not, is it a difficult task to make one?

Regards, Peter

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Dear Peter,

honestly I'm not sure if there is any "NZ TopoMapish" theme for LoMaps. There are available alternative themes in Locus Store (Menu - Store - Graphic - Filter map themes). You can also try any theme available at As I wrote not sure if you find theme similar to NZ TopoMaps but there should be available more "contrast" themes that could help.

However I leave idea open for voting

Thanks, Petr


Hi Petr,

Thanks for your reply. I've had a look in the Store, and downloaded a few themes to try.

Where would I find a manual to develop my own theme to copy NZTopoMaps?


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