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Three questions. Number Two. Many Maps

John Lee shared this question 6 years ago

I have used Locus Pro for many years. Each time we go outside our home map area, I download another small area for the region that we are going to visit. Now I have a patchwork of small areas across the Southern part of the UK that are not apparently link and are listed only by alphabetic names. Is there a way of bringing these 20 or so together or should I scrap the lot and load the whole of the Southern UK as one continuous map . (and is this possible over several days?)

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hi John,

if you have all the maps in one folder, Locus reads them seamlessly and switches between them automatically according to your GPS location - you don't have to scrap them nor download a new big map. Please make sure you have checked "Map auto-load > Auto-load maps of any type" in Settings > Maps > Offline.


Again, many thanks, Michal, for the quick response. I now have the Map autoload checked.

Although the heading is Three Questions, there will be no more. I realised that the third was to do with a different app!

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