Tile download around points does not work

Michael Bechtold shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem


describes the difference between Folder and Point selection. Trying Point you will find that it takes the bounding box (without showing) around all points, rather than the radius.

To test, just place 4 points on different continents into a folder, and you will be shocked by the number of tiles Locus prepares to download with the Point method.

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Good day Michael,

you are thinking that this feature do not work because of number of tiles that Locus test? Did you tried let Locus finish it's job?


Well, I tried in a short break. I now understand what you mean ...

It runs through half a million tiles, and only downloads 16 of them in my example. Hmmm.

What seems obvious: if the number of points is smaller by an order of magnitude (or more) than the number of tiles of the bounding box, then it is much smarter to have the loop for the points, and not the geo-coordinates.

Because there is a formula that directly goes from point coordinates & zoom to tile IDs to download.

But at least it works :-)


Yep, I absolutely agree that algorithm is wrong in this case. Known problem that cause slowness, that's all.