to be guided along route (to waypoint) with sounds: left/right

jgoszczynski shared this idea 12 years ago
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It would be helpful to be guided along route (to waypoint) using more precise sounds than simple "beep". This would allow to hike/bike with phone safely hidden.

How could it work?

By comparing azimuth of planned route with azimuth of actual track, and how far are you off planned route.

When of route program may say "turn lef" "turn right" or even give azimuth.

It could be done by showing big arrow (left/right/strong left/sharp left) or even better playing short .wav files or using TTS.

The same system could be used when passing waypoint.

It is not vey precise but should be enough to choose on fly: correct path in forrest or mountains.

To bad can not program, so can not help :(

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But as Rob wrote, the original discussion there is about guiding (telling you only if you are off) whereas here the discussion for waypoints is a kind of navigation.

So actually it`s two things and both worth to be implemented.


oruxmaps for android. You can define a different sound for your waypoints and more like images, text..

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