Track - csv export - unconsistent speed values and/or units ???

sl91 shared this problem 6 years ago
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I have exported a csv file after a bike tour. I don't undrstand why the values are all less than 5. The top speed was a little bit above 20 km/h during the tour as displayed by Locus. What are the units ? Another question is when using a speed bike ant+ sensor, which speed is exported to the csv file ? The GPS speed or the sensor sped ?

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PS: I can send the csv corresponding file.

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Good day sl91,

If I remeber correctly, then

- speed values are in metres per second

- and both speed from GPS and speed from sensor should be exoorted into CSV file as separate fields. I cannot check it now as I am not at hope for now.


Hi Menion,

Thank you for your response. I apologize for the disturbance during your vacation. With the m/s units, it gives me more realistic values, i.e. around 15 km/h.

Concerning the use of the speed sensor,I found only one speed column in my csv file after exporting. I will send you the corresponding file when I come back from Germany. It would be great if I can compare the GPS speed with the sensor speed. It is usefull at least for wheel size calibration purpose.




Good day sl91,

I'm home and checking a code. Speed exported in CSV files is best available speed value.

This means, in case you have recorded speed from sensor values, this speed is exported. Otherwise speed computed by device itself (from GPS movement), is used.

Everything clear? Feel free to ask. Anyway I'm closing topic as "not a problem" if You agree.

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