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Track details screen \ Statistics tab data doesnt match the data displayed on the Laps tab

Arpad Orfi shared this problem 8 years ago

Specifically, on the Laps tab, there is “Climb”, which doesn’t match any data on the Statistics tab.

Maybe you apply some smoothing, some kind of data correction for the elevation data, but that smoothing is only applied to the Statistics tab, not the Laps data.

E.g. on a test track record I have this: Laps \ Climb: -54 m, 6 m. Statistics \ Elevation: Elevation downhill: -33 m Elevation uphill: 0 m

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Hello Arpad,

you are absolutely correct. On "laps" tab, there is no filter applied on altitude data. It was few hours fight, but finally fixed. So thanks for a report, in next Locus version this won't be a problem anymore.



You are a super hero.


Locus is a very capable application.

I only miss this functionality:

All the best,


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