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Ingo Rau shared this idea 4 years ago
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Witht he new track editor, it would be great to have another option in the point menu: "Add waypoint".

Right now, if I want to add a waypoint to an existing point while editing a track, I have to select the point, leave track editor, open track details, goto Waypoints tab, do Add waypoint, get back into track editor.

If the new waypoint dialog could be opened directly from the point menu, the would save a lot of hassle. I could live with the point location being fixed to the currently selected track point, if that made things easier...

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I'd like to push this, at least this one time ;)

I know it's only 4 votes so far, but perhaps Menion could still give a short opinion about this. It can't be a biggie, and it would imho make the functionality of the editor complete in regard to what Locus offers elsewhere for recording tracks.


Good day Ingo,

personally I do not like what will starts to happen with track editor by adding this feature.

I already wrote it few times in some places, but quick summary. Track editor & route planner screens may be simply divided to two time frames:

  • track editor was made because of: post processing > modification of recorded tracks for archiving (history)
  • route planner was made because of: planning > preparing routes for future usage (future)

What you wants here is allow in feature that is made for "history frame", do some operations that belongs into "future frame". And I cannot agree with it.

Does it make sense?


Hi Menion,

Thx for your answer. I do get your argument, please just quickly consider this: For me (and others), waypoint is not necessarily future. It's the same as setting a quick point while recording: For marking a spot where something specific happened during this trip: a rest, putting on crampons (because of glacier), spotting an animal, etc. All stuff that might be interesting when doing the same tour again ("last time, this was already glacier"), but mainly for archive. And it makes just as much sense to be able to do it while recording, as doing it a little afterwards, when you still remember it.

I understand if you don't wanna spend time on it, but I don't agree with your reasoning. Hope you see my point, at least in principle ;)

And I don't think adding this feature would open the door to cluttering the editor, because for most other features, your concept holds.

On 8 February 2018 17:15:14 Locus Map <> wrote:


Good recorded track in archive (maybe later shared with friends) is not only correctly recorded line, but also some meta-information ( points with info & photos ) ... you are correct. Because of this, your arguments make sense of course, thanks!

In this case, it should make sense to really allow adding a basic points. Nothing around shaping points, via points etc, just plain basic points ... same as from mentioned track detail > waypoint tab > add point.

Ok ok, I'll reconsider it. Hope for you, that more people will vote here ;).


Hi Menion,

sorry, but I agree with Ingo...

In my case I get recorded tracks (history) which I have to follow with my bike on a tour in the future (long distance biking, aka Brevet). So I want to modify some trackpoints which are off the road or to make the situation at intersections more clear - and I want to set navigation waypoints to be able to use guidance when I follow this track in the ... (future).

I'd also like to set waypoints (in my case navigation waypoints) in track editor when I edit the trackpoints.

Please also have a look on this very similar issue:


+1 Wolfgang.

Old version: Track editor.

Convert trackpoint into single navpoint fast and simple. Thumbs up.

(Suggest: Add convert to Via_Point by Garmin_Locus Icon)

New version: Advise use Planner.

Slow and complex for a simple basic single fine tune operation. Thumbs down.

Service Buttons:

Old Version: Secure user taps by spartanic, robust nice lined up, large area black touch buttons.

A best outdoor use design. Thumbs up.

New Version: Tiny too close positioned very small touch area buttons and so unsecure tapping result.

A design for Liliputters mini fingers. Thumbs down.

Conclusion: Locus outdoor use by old version design is SUPERIOR.

Old design <=> New design: 2 <=> 0.


@ Menion. More info.

I have no problem with a new visual style, and I do not need the old large BLACK buttons.

But I do prefer larger [squared] touch area buttons for more optimal uncritical secure taps.

Suggestion: Create "New Style" LARGE [squared] partly transparant buttons ?


Push up.

I know, 9 votes is not much yet, but I assume (hope) it's not such a biggy, so perhaps... ;)


I walked my last track (using guidance) I created with the new route planner using brouter. Automatically generated navigation points!

It was really annoying!

As soon as the path swivelled in one direction, instructions of the type: turn left were spoken. May be the radius of curvature was too small? At forks of the way there were wrong instructions. I then switched off the guidance system and looked at my mobile phone more often. Consequence: good planning requires a simple system to manually insert navigation points. The current route editor is completely unsuitable for this purpose, because there is no simple mechanism to change from trackpoint to trackpoint. The tiny little blue bubbles from the track editor would be a solution, but only if you have extremely thin and narrow fingers.

Don't get me wrong, locus is the best tracking I've ever seen, and gets better and better. I hope my contribution contributes to this.

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