Track editor: Option/setting to increase the amount of editable points at a time

pxxi shared this idea 47 days ago
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Would it be possible to have a setting to change the amount of movable trackpoints when editing a track? Now it is always 11 points (unless you create new interpolated points in between. I'd like an option to choose much more, even 1000 or 10000 if that's possible, and then let the app process the points while I do something actually productive ;) I understand if it perhaps is not possible.

I'm sometimes using hours and hours to go through a longer track and to fix the point locations, and it can even take longer than actually riding the track itself. Which is crazy. A more accurate and also powerful phone would perhaps help, I hope.

Related: After a fresh reboot of my phone (Sony Xperia XZs G8231 with Android 8.0.0) the process of processing new 11 trackpoint locations takes approximately 20-30 seconds. But if I have used some other apps before editing, the process can take even three minutes and is only fixable back to 20-30 seconds with a reboot. This is one of the reasons I'm asking for more points editable at a time. To spend some time dragging a huge load of points (100, 1000, 10000?) to the correct location, and let the app process them while I'm doing something actually productive ;)


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Also if 1000 or 10000 or whatever large amount of points is too heavy task: How about batch processing the changes? So that the user would drag these 11 or 100 (or smth else) points to their correct location, but the changes would be just quickly written to a temporary file, and then you could continue editing without having to wait for processing. And when you're finished, just let the app process all of it at one go. This might also prevent loss of changes in case 1000 points are active in the editor and something crashes.