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Track Import lacks "Merge points with track" option when using "Multi-select".

Taras D shared this problem 7 years ago

Problem: Track Import lacks "Merge points with track" option when using "Multi-select".

Description: If you import a single track file containing waypoints, you are given the option to "Merge points with track". If you import multiple tracks files (using "multi-select"), the option to "Merge points with track" is no longer available.

Version: Locus Map Pro V3.21.1

Example: The attached file contains two simple GPX files:

  1. Track No Waypoints.gpx
  2. Track and Waypoints.gpx

The following image shows Locus Map Pro's options screen when importing:

  1. Single track file with no waypoints.
  2. Single track file with waypoints. "Merge points with track" is available.
  3. Both tracks files (using "multi-select"). "Merge points with track" is unavailable.


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Good day Taras,

high quality bug report as usually, thank you!

In this case, it's little bit different. Locus Map loads and analyze content of GPX file(s) in your zip. Result is 2 tracks and X waypoints. Working with multiple files in zip is little risky, so advanced options are not available, because it may be confusing to which of two files (in this case) these options will be applied. In this case you probably precisely know content of these files, but it's not always like this.

So sorry, I do not consider this as an issue, but as a feature of Locus Map > merging of points to tracks has simple clear condition: single file, one track, multiple points ... no other exceptions are possible.

Hope it's not a big problem. Thanks for understanding.


Actually, the forum software rejects attempts to upload GPX files (Invalid File Format) so I had to store them in zip format simply to attach them to my message. I did not try to import multiple track files from a zip file.

Original "use case":

I did not try to import multiple tracks from a single zip file. I tried to import six GPX files into Locus Map Pro that had been exported from OruxMaps. Two of the files had waypoints the remaining four did not.

I selected all six files (using the "Multi-Select" feature) and proceeded to import them. I know Locus Map detected the presence of at least one GPX file with waypoints because the import screen displayed the "Points" section. However, it did not offer the "Merge tracks with points" option. Apparently, it would import the waypoints, from two of the six files, into a folder (in Favorites or a selected folder). However, I want the waypoints to remain with their respective tracks (and not in Favorites). As a result, I imported the files (with waypoints), one by one so their points would remain with their respective tracks.

Perhaps I've misunderstood the purpose of "Merge points with track"? As I understand it, if I disable the option, the track's waypoints will be placed in a separate folder. I don't want this and prefer (in this situation) to have the waypoints part of the track. If this is how it works, then I would like to see this option available when importing multiple track files.


Good day Taras,

it was perfectly clear to me from your first post.

Even that this make sense, I was worried about extreme complications on my side and also little confusion to users. Anyway consider this as "improved". In next version, Locus should test all files you wants to import, if they satisfy condition to "merge". Anyway if a single file fail in this test, "merge" option won't be offered. So for example when from 6 files in multi-select, one will have two tracks and one waypoint, this option won't be visible as well.

Let me know if it works as expected in next version, thanks!



When importing multiple files (using "multi-select") the Data Import screen always shows the full "Points" section. There's no need to pre-scan the selected files to determine if any of the files contain waypoints.


The user selects ten track files to be imported. Some files contains waypoints and some don't.

  1. File contains waypoints
    If the import process encounters a track file containing waypoints, it will handle them according to the option the user has set (i.e. either put waypoints in the specified folder or keep them with the track).
  2. File has no waypoints
    If the import process encounters a track file with no waypoints, it will simply ignore the options set in the "Points" section.

In this manner, the user can import multiple files and have all waypoints either placed in a folder or retained with the respective track. I would find this to be a tremendous convenience.

If the user wishes to do anything more complicated (some waypoints go into folders and others stay with the tracks) then they will have to import the files separately and set the "Points" options as required.


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